REELAB supports Heimstaden in the acquisition of 17,600 flats in Berlin and Hamburg

Press release from 26.09.2021

Heimstaden takes on major responsibility in Berlin and Hamburg: Purchase agreement for 17,600 flats signed

The housing company Heimstaden takes over the companies of Akelius in Berlin and Hamburg and thus becomes an important partner in the housing market of both cities. Heimstaden stands for a sustainable, cooperative relationship between tenants, politics, society and landlords. Heimstaden will now also increasingly focus on the issue of new construction, which is important for Berlin. When acquiring the Akelius flats, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2021, Heimstaden will take over 100 percent of the companies’ shares and will thus pay the full real estate transfer tax in Germany.

Heimstaden, a European housing company with a strong customer focus, has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of more than 17,600 flats. The seller of the portfolio, which is located entirely in Berlin and Hamburg, is Akelius. The legal closing of the acquisition and thus the actual takeover of the flats by Heimstaden is planned for the end of 2021 – subject to approval by the antitrust authorities.

“We are aware of the high responsibility that this growth step entails,” says Caroline Oelmann, Managing Director of Heimstaden Germany. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to offer our ‘Friendly Homes’ approach to even more people in Germany in the future and to be a reliable landlord and contact partner at eye level for an even larger number of tenants as a partner of the cities,” says Oelmann.

Heimstaden has been active in Germany since 2018 and has expanded its presence in 2020 and 2021. With currently around 7,300 units in Germany, Heimstaden is represented as a modern and customer-oriented landlord in cities including Berlin, Halle (Saale), Magdeburg and Rostock. During this time, Heimstaden has been able to convince many tenants of the quality of its service. The assumption of social responsibility has always played a central role for Heimstaden, for example when the company voluntarily waived additional rent demands after the end of the “Berlin rent cap” and thus took into account the situation of families and lower-income tenants in particular.

New construction & dialogue

In the future, Heimstaden also wants to play an active role in the topic of new housing construction, which is important for Berlin, and has also decided to acquire the Akelius portfolio because many of the acquired properties contain potential for new flats. However, new construction and redensification measures in the portfolio must always be tenant-friendly and will be examined cautiously. Heimstaden would like to actively participate in a “round table” with politicians on the topic of housing or in a format similar to the Hamburg “Alliance for Housing”.

With its “Friendly Homes” approach, which focuses on a friendly and safe living environment, the company is already represented in ten European countries and around 250 cities. In this tradition, the company will also build long-term customer relationships with future tenants and invite them to engage in dialogue.

Market entry in Hamburg

With the acquisition of the Akelius flats, Heimstaden is entering the Hamburg housing market for the first time. Around 3,600 flats in the portfolio are located in the Hanseatic city.

Patrik Hall, CEO of Heimstaden, says: “The good cooperation between politics, society and private housing companies in Hamburg, for example through the Hamburg Senate’s ‘Alliance for Housing’, is a convincing approach and a model for the whole of Europe. We as Heimstaden are glad to be able to make an important contribution to the provision of housing in Hamburg in the future as well.”

Acquisition of 100 per cent of the company shares and thus full payment of real estate transfer tax in Germany

Under the acquisition announced today, Heimstaden will not only integrate Akelius employees into its team, but will also acquire 100 per cent of the companies behind the more than 17,600 units. This means that Heimstaden will pay the full land transfer tax in Germany, which will amount to a three-digit million euro sum and, according to company sources, will be one of the highest land transfer tax payments ever made by a residential real estate company in Germany.

“As a long-term oriented owner with a sustainable and customer-centric business model, we are looking forward to offering our customers added value with excellent service and products. Together with our new colleagues, customers and local communities, we will make our contribution to friendly homes and vibrant neighbourhoods in Berlin and Hamburg,” Hall concludes.


Heimstaden übernimmt große Verantwortung in Berlin und Hamburg: Kaufvertrag für 17.600 Wohnungen unterzeichnet – Heimstaden

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