Definition of the planning/design criteria

Consultant selection procedure (direct award)

Consultant selection procedure

architectural competition

The selection of the right planning & design office establishes the very foundation upon which every successful project is built.

Already in the project initiation phase, a professional procedure management is highly advisable. The aim is to select the optimum planning & design team and define the planning & design criteria that match the terms of reference.

Depending on the client, contracts may be awarded directly or in combination with a prior architectural competition.

For public clients, a consultant selection procedure according to the German ordinance on the award of public contracts (VgV) is recommended, if not required. REELAB ensures a professional, legally secured and effective negotiated procedure in line with the applicable VgV rules.


Stage 1
Selection procedure

(sect. 42 subsect. 1 VgV)

Selection of the contract award procedure

Publication of initial information

Verification of the suitability of the participants and proposal for the selection decision

Stage 2
Negotiated procedure

(sect. 17 subsect. 4 VgV)

Publication of the invitation to bid

Bid review and bid appraisal

Stage 3
Announcement of contract award

(sect. 39 subsect. 1 VgV)

Preparation of a contract award proposal with information about the bidder

Contract award

REELAB value added:

With our experience in project and transaction management and the additional real estate management qualifications acquired by our team, we have a deep understanding of all parties involved in the project. This enables us to proactively intervene and initiate corrective action and propose solutions in case of any deviations.

In line with our philosophy, we rely on a backbone of engineers specializing in building construction and building services as well as further specialist engineers from our network of partners.

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